What we do

Dance Parties

We are producing DJ dance parties. The dance parties are an affordable, safe, classy and high energy music and dance environment, we want you to feel the music groove and vibration and just have fun.

The dance parties include a host, DJ, lighting effects, liquor bar and security.

Music Artist Promotion

Announcing the two new divisions of Blackbadu Music Co, LLC  – dba’s RED LIQUORICE RECORDS, JAGUAR MUSIC PRODUCTIONS and RASTAFARI SPIRIT PRODUCTIONS


If you want your music talent promoted, please contact us. We may be able to help you. We specialize in marketing artists that we see have the talent, vision, passion and commitment needed to succeed.

Cultural Events

We plan and produce outdoor park like events with music, arts, crafts and food to promote African and Jamaican cultures. Bring your arts and crafts and showcase what you do behind a backdrop of good music and food.

Africa is civilizations birthplace and motherland. Let’s celebrate it in Portland.