Our Music Style

The dance party music is based on songs I (Bobby B) personally hand picked from genres of Afrobeat, Dancehall Reggae, House and Funk, Soul, Dance Diva, and old school hip-hop music (after listening to and reviewing tens of thousands of songs). My chosen style of music is danceable drum and bass driven, edgy house style or smooth groove sounds.


The term Afrobeat (a combination of West African music styles with American funk and jazz) was created by Fela Kuti from Nigeria. I use the term Afrobeat to describe modern music from West, East and Southern Africa. I focus on more of what I call Afro-urban, Afro-future and Afro-house sounds.

To me this music from Africa with it’s danceable beats, superb singers, world class musicians and colorful instrumentation is the best music in the world today.


My favorite style is dancehall reggae with its uptempo danceable beats – a lot of drum and heavy beats. Performed equally well by both female and male artists.

We also like other reggae music with a cool beat.


I prefer house with heavy beats, bass and drums and edgy vocals. Not a big electronic organ keyboard sound fan.


Funk music started with James Brown, simply the best, Prince funk is awesome too. We also love other funk artists like Parliament, Graham Central Station, Chaka Kahn, Brooklyn Funk Essentials, Betty ‘Mabry’ Davis, etc.


Soul music is all about dancing. The Soul Train tv show out of Chicago really started a new American dance scene – young kids brought their best dance moves and outfits to the show. The Soul Train dance line is iconic.

Dance Diva’s

We like the sounds from the Queens of dance music, their music makes you want to dance and B happy

Old School Hip-Hop

We like the beat of the old School sound, it’s jazzier and funkier and less pop.