The significance of the BOBBY B brand colors – BLACK and RED

We are trying to bring the BLACK history, culture and music of Africa & Jamaica to the RED rose city of Portland

We celebrate BLACK history, culture, music and dance and BLACK characteristics (powerful, strong (Badu) and rebellious yet mysterious, elegant and classy)

We celebrate RED characteristics (passionate, confident, courageous, energetic, exciting, vibrant and joyful)

RED and BLACK look really cool together too!

Bobby B vision and mission

To me the worlds future is Africa. You know over 45 % of it’s population is 15 years or younger.

Not only is it the birthplace and motherland of civilization it is a continent rich with culture, music, beauty , wildlife , resources and humble people.. 

I think the best music in the world today comes from Africa and Jamaica.

So my mission and vision is to promote Africa’s ( and its  sister Jamaica) culture and music to Portland through the universal energy vibration of music and dance parties , Bobby B

Dancing makes the music visible!

My dance parties are a night out with fun, cool music, class, space and security not a night in a crowded, dark, sweaty box or bunker!

Visit our website, leave your contact number and some music comments and we will put you in the VIPP (very important party people) Club. You will get free passes to certain events and other specials to be announced on the BB Bulletin Board

Baby Badu

Bobby B and Rayray recently met Fatoumata Diawara (the iconic Afro-Futurist music artist from Mali, Africa). She was amazing and yet very humble. See pictures on our photo page

Bobby B met Nneka Egbuna ( music artist from Nigeria ) a few years ago. She is very gracious ,has a powerful  voice and is still very very popular in Africa today. See her picture and discography on our photo page.


Bobby B asks the question – Is getting older driving you crazy ? Don’t worry , here are ten good things about it : – The therapy will finally start kicking in
– Saying you forgot will be enough of an excuse
– You can devote your full attention to complaining
– You can write people out of your will
– Your becoming a cornerstone of science , gravity
– On a sinking boat you will be saved with the women and children – Going to bed will be simpler now that you can fall asleep in your chair – If you were getting younger instead of older people would hate you – Kidnappers will not be very interested in you
– You can watch the obituaries for people you do not like

From the paperback book : 1003 Great Things About Getting Older by Lisa Birnbach , Ann Hodgman and Patricia Marx

Comments about Facebook

I’m kinda old school. So starting a Facebook business page ( BlackBadu Music Co was very interesting.
I was shocked by how ugly profile pictures of a lot of men were. I mean really wouldn’t you want to put your best face forward – Ha Ha I mean it is rather public.
I started asking around to find out why . Basically what I got was I don’t give a bleep or I do not know. Anyway I think it’s a sign of the times.
A lot of people really do not care what people outside of their circle think. So sad ! A lot of the pictures just look like the person was lazy.
Do the words dignity and class even exist anymore ?
You know credibilty is one of the most important things a person can have. How does a weird or stupid profile picture enhance that ?
Maybe we need a new app called NO FACE .
Smart phones and social media are kinda taking over.
So I invented a new word called
PIFING – it means phone in the face. Like
really is he still PIFING or wow PIFERS are everywhere. etc