Bobby B asks the question – Is getting older driving you crazy ? Don’t worry , here are ten good things about it : – The therapy will finally start kicking in
– Saying you forgot will be enough of an excuse
– You can devote your full attention to complaining
– You can write people out of your will
– Your becoming a cornerstone of science , gravity
– On a sinking boat you will be saved with the women and children – Going to bed will be simpler now that you can fall asleep in your chair – If you were getting younger instead of older people would hate you – Kidnappers will not be very interested in you
– You can watch the obituaries for people you do not like

From the paperback book : 1003 Great Things About Getting Older by Lisa Birnbach , Ann Hodgman and Patricia Marx

Comments about Facebook

I’m kinda old school. So starting a Facebook business page ( BlackBadu Music Co was very interesting.
I was shocked by how ugly profile pictures of a lot of men were. I mean really wouldn’t you want to put your best face forward – Ha Ha I mean it is rather public.
I started asking around to find out why . Basically what I got was I don’t give a bleep or I do not know. Anyway I think it’s a sign of the times.
A lot of people really do not care what people outside of their circle think. So sad ! A lot of the pictures just look like the person was lazy.
Do the words dignity and class even exist anymore ?
You know credibilty is one of the most important things a person can have. How does a weird or stupid profile picture enhance that ?
Maybe we need a new app called NO FACE .
Smart phones and social media are kinda taking over.
So I invented a new word called
PIFING – it means phone in the face. Like
really is he still PIFING or wow PIFERS are everywhere. etc